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Chippy Paint Tutorial: Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Hello friends! In this post I am going to show you how I took an ordinary side table and turned it into a vintage inspired, antique looking farmhouse table.

Here is the table I stared with.

Here are the things I needed to get started painting. You can purchase Miss Mustard Milk Paint from a specialty retailer, or online on my Amazon shop here. I used the color Linen, a Miss Mustard Seed paint mixer, and a Miss Mustard Seed wax puck.

The first step I did was prep the piece. I cleaned it with a little bit of dish soap, vinegar, and hot water. I did not sand or prime it because I did not want the paint to stick too well. I wanted the paint to flake off and crumble.

The next step I did was to take the wax puck, and rub it all around the edges to where I wanted the most distressing. This created one more layer of resist for the paint to not stick in those places, and hopefully makes it easier to distress later on.

Then I mixed up the paint! This process took a little bit more effort than opening a regular jar of paint, but it is what gives the piece a flaky, chippy look.

To do this, I mixed my paint in a 1:1 ratio, stirred it for one minute, let the paint sit for 10 minutes, and then stirred it for one more minute.

I painted with an Annie Sloan small flat synthetic brush, but feel free to use any high-quality paint brush you have. Then I painted on the first coat.

Let it dry. And put another coat on.

Once the paint was dry, I took a paint scraper and a sanding block to any of the loose flaky parts that have come off (shown in the picture below), and any other areas I wanted to distress.

It should come off in irregular chunks.

If your surface has really absorbed the paint well, you may have to take an electric sander to it to get it to flake off.

Once I was happy with the look, I sealed the piece. I used Annie Sloan clear wax, and the Annie Sloan large wax brush. Which you can order from my website.

But you could also use Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint wax and brush. I had the Annie Sloan on hand as that is what I typically use.

I brushed the wax on, wiped the wax off. I put two coats of wax on the table top as it will get more use.

Be sure to let it cure for a few days before you put anything on it and be gentle with it for three weeks for best result.

I hope you enjoyed this chippy paint tutorial! Be sure to subscribe and join the mailing list for all the latest tutorial action!

You can find the supplies & tools I use at my Amazon store and order Annie Sloan paint directly from me at this website. Also, check out the YouTube channel for tons of video tutorials!

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