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Faux Stone Pot

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Watch the tutorial here —->

Hello friends! In this tutorial I am going to show you how I took a plain plastic pot and made it into a stone looking pot. You can do this technique on any type of pot you want to change the look of.

I choose plastic because it is inexpensive and available at most stores. When you are finished you can use these pots indoors or outdoors.

To start you will need to paint one layer of Annie Sloan French Linen.

Be sure to paint the inner lip, as it usually shows on plants. Let dry.

Next, paint a second layer of Annie Sloan French Linen on in a stipple motion. This means pouncing a paint filled brush up and down to make a texture. You can do this with a round Annie Sloan brush like I did or a variety of other things like a sea sponge, foam pouncer or even crumbled up news paper. Let dry.

Then, you will dry brush a layer of Annie Sloan Old White all over your pot. I have a video that talks specifically about dry brush that you can find here. But basically you put a small amount of paint on a brush and sweep it around. This creates an aged look and brings out the texture you created with the stippling.

Next, you will create a wash of Annie Sloan Athenian Black. To create a wash, just add water and a bit of paint together, then stir. Brush your wash on your pot, then blot the excess off with a rag. This will create a texture and mimic the look of black wax (which can’t be used outdoors). Let dry.

You do not need to topcoat this, as the Annie Sloan paint will harden in the sun in about a week. Of course, you can take this idea and change up the colors and designs creating many beautiful, one of a kind pots on a budget.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

You can purchase Annie Sloan paint from me on this website or find a local Annie Sloan stockist at

Also, check out the YouTube channel for tons of video tutorials!

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