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Faux Chippy Brick Wall & Hallway Reveal

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Reviving Pine Drive - Hallway

See the update from 1/18/2020 at the end

I have been very slowing working on the next area in the home refresh, our hallway. With the layout being a typical ranch house we have a narrow, long hallway that leads to all the bedrooms and bathrooms. Pretty standard, pretty boring.

Many years ago I hung fabric at the end of the wall in a floral, and that worked for a while. But I am kind of over the florals and wanted an older look, so in came the brick paneling. I love old, chippy, painted brick like you see on the side of a old downtown building. And I want the look on the cheap, of course. In comes this brick paneling.

I like this one from Home Depot because of the variation in colors and the grout color. I only needed one piece cut down to the width and height for the end of the hallway. Thankfully the nice guys at Home Depot did that for me.

Once cut, I made sure it fit in the space, then I brought it back out to the garage to make a mess of it.

First, I painted the grout with a white paint I had left over, Annie Sloan Pure White. I wanted the grout a bit brighter then what it was, but you could certainly skip this step. No need to be clean on this step because you will painting the brick in a second anyway.

After the grout dries I needed to make the surface “bad” for paint to stick to. To do this I covered the whole thing in Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil and sprayed it with cooking oil... really, you read that correctly, cooking Oil 🤷‍♀️😂 looking back I should have sprayed way more of this then I did, but lesson learned. While that all was still wet I mixed up some Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Linen. Then I painted it all over. Let Dry.

I wanted a little throwback to the old advertisements that are painted on brick, but I didn’t want it to be the main thing either. That is why I stenciled the word hotel at the bottom. I used Annie Sloan Athenian Black.

Once it dried I was hoping for it to chip off in large sections. It really didn’t. I was kind of bummed, because it had on my test sample, but that’s ok, I am always up for a challenge. Since it didn‘t chip as much as I had hoped, I busted out my orbital sander with a 320 sanding pad on it. I didn’t want to sand through the red of the brick paneling, but I didn’t want solid white either.

Finally, the faux chippy brick was done. I put some liquid nails on the back of it and a few finishing nails to hold it in place.

As for the rest of the hallway, it’s finally done too! The trim is painted in Sherwin-Williams Alabaster White. The walls are painted in Sherwin Williams Oyster White. And the doors are painted in a Sherwin Williams Amazing Grey.

Also, you can see more about how to transform the hollow core doors with $3 worth of trim in this video or this blog post.

The light was a steal at only $31 on Amazon. It is called a school house light and I am in love. You can find it here.

Now I’m on the hunt for art for the end of the hallway, but no rush in finding it. I want to love everything I put into this home, not just something to fill the space.

One day, we will lay wood flooring, but for now it is on to the main bathroom!

Update: Sometimes my ideas don’t come across as I had hoped they would or as they do in my head. With the hotel down the side I was going for the feel of an old ad painted on the side of a building but I didn’t execute it correctly, no one got it and I didn’t love it. But as I always say, no worries, it is just paint! So I painted over the letters, then gave them a quick sand. Now I bet I can find some art I like here :)

You can find the supplies & tools I use at my Amazon store and order Annie Sloan paint directly from me at this website. Also, check out the YouTube channel for tons of video tutorials!


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