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How To Add Trim To Cabinet Sides

Hey friends! In this tutorial I am going to show you how I added trim to the sides of my cabinets to create more character. For even more detailed instruction, watch the video tutorial here.

This is what my cabinets looked like before. I will be painting them, so this was the perfect time to add some interest first.

I used 1/4” x 3” wide primed pine boards from Menards. I took the easy way out, but you could certainly use a different type of trim board or rip down plywood or mdf for your trim.

The first pieces I cut to place were the top and bottom, then the vertical pieces, then the middle horizontal pieces.

I secured everything with painters tape first to ensure it all fit together like a puzzle.

To secure them onto the cabinet side I used an 18 gauge nail gun with 5/8” brad nails. Alternatively you could use a construction adhesive or a finish nailer.

Once everything was nailed in place, I caulked any nail holes and seams. Then painted (psst a tutorial on how I did is coming soon).

I absolutely love the character and added details to the space! I hope this inspired you for your own home or project!

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