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The Master Half Bath Plan - 1:1 Reviving Pine Drive

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

(Video Blog Post:

When you want to tackle redecorating a whole home, it can seem pretty daunting. There are just so many jobs you want to do or need to do and not enough time or money to go around.

That’s why I decided to take this process one room at a time. Starting in our small half bath in the master bedroom that really only gets used by me. It’s not the most outdated or undecorated part of the house, but it seems like the least daunting.

When we bought the house the bathroom was all white.

2015 real estate photo

A few years ago I decided to paint, but like most things I may have went a bit bold in color choices. I still like the colors but am looking for a calmer over all color scheme for our home.

Before Reviving/Now

When I found those flowers that lined the wall I was so excited! They were exactly what I was looking for! And even though they were way too expensive, I just had to have them. But of course tastes change over the years and I am ready to tear them off the wall.

New Plan

So now that you know what the before looks like, here is the plan for the new look.

There are so many options of colors. It can seem a bit overwhelming. (I love Sherwin Williams colors.)

It’s a good idea to buy samples of the colors you want, especially when you are planning a color to go throughout your whole home. But instead of painting patches of it all over you home, roll two full coats on a piece of foam core board. This way you can easily move the board around from room to room. Look at the color in different spots, at different times of day, before you commit.

For the the majority of the house I am going with the same colors. I stepped out of my comfort zone of Sherwin Williams colors and am going to give the Magnolia paint line a chance. Mostly because I love Kilz as a primer, so I am guessing their wall paint has to be good too.

Walls = One Horn White

Trim = True White

Interior Doors = Anatolian

I‘m not sure what is in store for the mirror, cabinet & vanity. I believe it will be a light cottage like color. I’m deciding between my beloved Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue or Versailles. Or a light pink... possibly in Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. And maybe some dark wood... hummm. So many choices.

I’m Inspired by both these bathrooms.

Something may happen with the flooring too. And all the door knobs, hinges & various other easily paintable fixtures will be going matte black.

Check back for the next post of the bathroom and be sure to check out the video blog too as we proceed.

Now time to clean everything out and start prep work!


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