This cutting board is the perfect way to add character to your kitchen with the "Family Name" design or honor a relative with their own handwritten recipe engraved onto it! There are two sizes to choose from and either design can be placed on either size of board. Sizes available: 9"x12" or 11"x15" Design One - Family Name:This design says "The (Insert your last name) Family" With a monogram letter wreath & est year. Perfect for a house warming or wedding gift or to just add some character to your own kitchen. Design Two - Handwritten Recipe:This design takes your family's handwritten recipe and engraves it onto the cutting board. The engraving will show it as is. For example, if there are lines on the cards, there will be lines on the board. If there are words spelled wrong, they will be also. Also, words may be lighter or darker depending on the type of handwriting. And with bamboo grain some parts may appear darker or lighter. But imperfections are perfect in this scenario, so don't stress :) To do this I will need the actual recipe, copy of it, or scanned image of it.If you dont like technology, here are the following options to get me your recipe:1. Drop it off in the mail slot or send it in to my store address: Originally Worn, 113 N Rollins St, Macon, MO 635522. Bring it by the shop on a Tuesday night from 4-7 when the shop is open. If technology is your friend:1. Scan it in using a home computer and scanner. Be sure to use a high resolution setting of 300. 2. Scan it in using an iPhone and the notes app scanner function. Send you high resolution scanned in images to my email at Be sure to note your order number (And product if ordering mutiple) in the email. All designs and information are entered individually.If anything seems off, I will be in contact with you. Cutting Board Info: It's made from naturally antimicrobial, fast-growing bamboo and won't dull knives. Use this handy reversible cutting board to prepare all your meals as it's convenient, durable and sturdy and makes an ideal housewarming gift as well. Take care of all types of food prep from slicing meats, mince, vegetable, dicing herbs and much more.


*Please allow one week for production of product, as it is not premade.

Personalized or Recipe Bamboo Cutting Board

  • -All cutting boards have been pre-oiled with Bayes High-Performance Food Grade Mineral Oil, Conditioner and Protectant.

    -Handwash Only.

    -Oil as needed with a food safe oil of your choice. I like this one:

  • No returns are available for personalized products.