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This beautiful display stand is the perfect way to display our line of earrings. 


It is portable and lightweight, thanks to collapsible flat-pack design. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. And is a great use of compact display space in your storefront or booth space. 


It has 24 hooks. Each hooks easily holds 3 pairs of earrings. That means you can fit 72 earrings into a 7.5” deep x 17” wide x 22.5” high space. Creating a great return on investment of per square inch of display space!  

The display is made of walnut color stained wood, with black painted hooks, and an engraved acrylic brand sign on the top. 


You can purchase this display on its own, and choose what earring styles and quantities you want to go with it. Or you can choose from one of our package deals that gives a discount for the stand and earring to get started on your wholesale journey with Originally Worn Handmade Goods.

Earring Display Stand

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