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Easy Fan Update - Without Uninstalling!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Reviving Pine Drive

Over the past year I have learned many things, including how to replace a light fixture. But replacing a fan seemed too much for me to tackle. It has special switches and controls on the wall, and that alone intimidated me enough to not want to mess with it. Along with the fact that it actually wasn't that old of a fan, that worked great, it just didn't look as good as it could.


So, I set out on making a plan to update the fan in our living room, without replacing it or taking it down. I really loved how it turned out in the the end, plus it was a quick, easy and cheap update... which makes it 10x better of an update for me!


Want to know what I did? Follow along:

First I vacuumed and wiped down everything. Then, I deconstructed. I took the bulbs, shades and fan blades off.

Next, I taped off the ceiling and painted everything that was brass with Annie Sloan Athenian Black. Annie Sloan paint can adhere to all sorts of surfaces without prep work. Perfect for this situation! Athenian Black is a jet black that resembles matte black fixtures.

You will need two coats, but they dry really fast. You do not need to wax this unless you want to. No one really touches your fan and eventually the paint will cure out on its own to a harder finish.

Still a bit wet here :)

With the fan blades I wanted to create a natural worn wood look, a light wood look. It is one of my favorite finishes for the style of our home and you can find it throughout.

I created a tutorial on it when I did it on the master bathroom revive. You can read how I did it here or watch how here. Then I reinstalled the blades.

And for the last magical moment of bringing this "new" fixture together... new globes! This is the only thing I actually spent money on (since I have a hoard of paint) I purchased these ones from Lowes.

I found they varied in cost from store to store significantly, so beware. The new globes cost me $20 total, which is, of course, way less expensive then a new, quality fan. Also, I have always had a love for seed glass, so this in itself made me so happy! But you could choose any globe to go with your home style.

Hope you enjoyed this quick, easy, fan update!

You can find the supplies & tools I use at my Amazon store and find an Annie Sloan stockist near you at Also, check out the YouTube channel for tons of video tutorials!


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