• Rachelle Fleming

Kitchen Island Table Makeover

Watch the video here —-> https://youtu.be/ACylAADWyaw

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! In this post I am going to show you how I painted our kitchen island table base with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. And for an added bit of fun, I tested out how far a 120 ML paint container would go.

Here is what the table looked like before. It is a slick, solid brown stained table. It was fine and nice, but not really what I wanted for color in that area.

To get started, the first thing I did was clean it. I used a mixture of dishsoap, vinegar, and hot water to wipe it down. Since I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I did not need to sand before I cleaned. Then I taped off the areas I did not want painted.

This was the first coat of paint going on. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Chateau Grey. It is my favorite color these days and if you have been around this blog long, you will have seen it appear throughout my projects. I decided to start with a small container, 120 ML, of the Annie Sloan paint. I wanted to see how far a container went. Happily, one small container painted this table base twice!!

One coat down! Notice how the first coat looks bad, that is because my surface was so slick. So, less paint stuck on to the original surface finish.

Second coat started. Now notice how well that second coat is covering. It is because the second coat has the first coat to grab on to.