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Quick. Easy. Cheap. Garage Door Update.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Reviving Pine Drive - Exterior

Watch video tutorial here —->

Hey friends! I have been chipping away at making our exterior have a bit more character. It is still a work in progress, but I couldn’t resist skipping over some more labor intensive projects for this super quick, cheap and easy garage door sprucing.

Here are the doors before. We have black shutters and window boxes on the other side of the house and needed some black down here to balance it out.

First thing I did was buy some “carriage house” hardware. This stuff comes in a variety of materials, styles and magnetic or screw in. I chose one that was plastic and magnetic. It wasn’t my favorite style, but at $11 a door, the price was. You can pick up the ones I got here.

I am very pleased with them though. They hold on strong, won’t rust, and again....are inexpensive.

You could stop there, but I wanted faux windows. They do make kits like these here, but they are expensive. They also make magnetic like these here. I had planned on doing a magnetic window, but I couldn’t find any in the size to fit my square well. So I came up with a new plan. In the end it was pretty simple and even less expensive then the magnetic windows.

I took high gloss, permanent vinyl and cut it to fit the inner squares of my top row. I bought this one and it worked out great! Although you can’t see it in the photos, I went with high gloss for the reflection. Typically real garage windows are reflective. You could cut your vinyl in any shape or size that fits the style you want.

Here are the doors side by side, unfinished and finished.

And then both done.

For about 10 minutes of work and $15-$20 per door I am happy with the update.

Here is a view from the front yard... I doubt you would think twice about the doors being real or not while passing by. (Which is a good thing, lol)

Now onto finishing up the rest of our landscaping and painting... someday, one day, hopefully a day soon!

You can find the supplies & tools I use at my Amazon store and order Annie Sloan paint directly from me at this website. Also, check out the YouTube channel for tons of video tutorials!


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