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How To Easily & Accurately Install Cabinet Hardware

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Master Half Bath 1:3 - Reviving Pine Drive

(To watch this tutorial go to: )

Installing hardware was always one of the more daunting tasks for me when finishing furniture and cabinetry. You’ve just spent all this time sanding, painting, waxing, just to turn around and put a big hole through it. So many things could go wrong! Your drill could slip and scratch the finish (done that too many times). You could measure and measure and still put the hole slightly in the wrong spot (done that a lot too).

Thankfully, I stumbled across a solution that has solved all the issues. It’s a tool that’s quick, easy, accurate and a life saver. I no longer cringe when it comes to the hardware part of a project!

What is this magical tool tool you may ask.... Its a cabinet hardware jig! I like this one (affiliate link)

It is easy to use once you figure out how all the parts align. Here is what comes in the bag: a metal ruler for horizontal positioning. a plastic ruler and stopper for vertical positioning, and 3 drill hole jigs.

Let’s talk about using it for a single knob hole first. You will need to slide the plastic vertical ruler onto the metal horizontal ruler, lining up the lines with zero. Tighten the screws down. Next, place the stopper onto the plastic ruler. This measurement will determine the vertical position of your knob.

Once you have decided where you want your knob vertically, lighten the stopper screw down. Then line up the horizontal ruler, pick a point of reference (I chose the cabinet trim edge) & match both sides for an equal measurement. Next, using a 3/16 drill bit, drill through the jig hole.

Put your screw in from the back. Usually doors require the shorter screws and drawers use the longer ones that are included with hardware.

Then attach the knob, tightening with a hand held screw driver if necessary. DONE!!

For a handle, cup pull, or something with two holes, things get a tiny bit more complicated, but you can do it! You will line up your vertical position in the same way. For your horizontal position, you will attach two jigs (one on each side of your plastic ruler)

The easiest way to accurately figure out your horizontal placement is to attach your knob to the jig. This ensures the exact measurement that is needed. Really, go right ahead and screw that thing on there. Once it’s on, move it so the jig location match on each side. Tighten the jig screws.

Then, just like when placing the knob, find a point of reference for the horizontal ruler, match it up for a center position.

Drill your first hole! But before you move on to the second hole, place a screw in the first one. This ensures that your jig doesn’t slightly move around on you. If you have ever had trouble matching up pull screws, you know how important this is!

Drill your second hole. Install your pull. BAMM done! I’m sure it took me longer to explain the steps then it will for you to actually do them! This tool really does make all the difference! Buy it now, you won't be disappointed! Get it here -->

Here is my finished bathroom vanity, hardware & new feet installed. (You can find this hardware and the cabinet feet in my amazon store, here.)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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