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Top 10 Chalk Paint Questions Answered

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

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Hey friends! I am going to answer the top 10 most asked questions I get about Chalk Paint! Hope this post serves as a quick guide or clarification for you!

Side note: All my advise is regarding Annie Sloan Chalk Paint specifically, other brands may have other requirements.

What makes me qualified to even answer these? Well, I have been a furniture painter for years and have used and carried Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in my store since 2016. I have gone through training to be allowed to do so, and continue to use it on a daily basis.

1. Do I have to sand with Chalk Paint?

No, you do not have to sand with Chalk Paint, but with most other types of paints you should. Although you can sand with Chalk Paint, and it won’t hurt anything.

2. Do I need to prime with Chalk Paint?

You do not need to prime. Although, you certainly can and should in a small variety of circumstances.

3. Can I paint laminate?

Yes! It paints beautifully! And you can paint almost any other surface, including wood, metal, glass, indoor and outdoor. Your first coat may look a bit thin on any slick surface, but the second will be great!

4. Can I use Chalk Paint to paint my cabinets?

Heck yes! I have done it for customers countless times and have yet to have an issue or a complaint!

5. I can’t find the perfect color, what should I do?

You can mix the entire line of Annie Sloan colors together to create endless color options. Visit a local stockist for help with a formula that can create your color.

6. Can I paint my floors with Chalk Paint?

Yes! So many amazing floors have been created with Chalk Paint. You will need to make sure it is clean and you will need to seal with Annie Sloan Lacquer.

7. What is wax and do I have to use it?

Wax is a type of topcoat. In most cases, you will need to topcoat your Chalk Paint with something, whether that is wax or a lacquer topcoat is up to you. But wax is the easiest to apply and work with.

8. Do I have to reapply wax regularly?

No, you will never just need to reapply wax. Although, you easily can if you need to fix a damaged area or want to for a variety of other reasons. But it will not just disappear.

9. Can I use wax outdoors?

No. You can however use Chalk Paint outdoors! You can choose to leave it without a topcoat and let it “bake” in the sun. Or you can use lacquer for an added layer of protection against the elements and fading.

10. What sheens are available for topcoats?

Wax comes in a variety of colors and is a matte sheen. Lacquer is clear and comes in a matte and gloss sheen.

I hope this helped clear up some questions you may have regarding Chalk Paint.

You can order Annie Sloan paint directly from me at this website. Or find a local stockist at Also, check out the YouTube channel for tons of video tutorials!

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