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Welcome to Reviving Pine Drive

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

(Video Blog at

Hello everyone! I’m Rachelle with Originally Worn.

So glad you stopped by to read this! This is the start to my blog series about updating our builder grade ranch home on Pine Drive.

This blog will be accompanied by videos that you can find on my YouTube channel, The videos will show everything from time lapse wall painting to how to paint your cabinets and flooring. I believe there are two types of people in the world... the ones who watch and the ones who read. So hopefully by putting this out there in both forms, we all can get the best of both worlds. (Psst. I’m the reading type.)

Now let’s clarify something right from the start... I’m not a great writer. I don’t have an obsession for grammar, nor do I know when to use who vs. whom in a sentence. (Like by bestie Aislynn does)

So bare with me, and cut me just a tiny bit of slack please 😘

How We Ended Up On Pine Drive

For almost three years my husband Chuck and I looked at buying a new home.

Our poor realtor, Mary Ann, gosh, she is a saint. She never got annoyed with us (well I am sure she did, but she hid it well). We went to every open house, looked at every new listing. The ones I loved, Chuck didn’t and vice versa.

I wanted a big, old two story home. Complete with a wrap around porch and wide base molding. I didn’t care that the wiring was old, that the roof leaked or that the utilities cost double the mortgage... I wanted character! Now it’s not that Chuck didn’t like some of the character, but he wasn’t obsessed like I was and for some reason wasn’t willing to over look old boilers in the name of claw foot tubs...Crazy I know!

So after years of this we finally agreed on a ranch home in a cul-de-sac on Pine Drive. It didn’t have any character, but dang was it in good shape where it mattered. And the location was just too perfect to raise two boys at.

That was in the winter of 2015, almost 4 years ago.

Real Estate Photo of Pine Drive

Since then we have painted a few walls, finished the basement, and changed a few light fixtures. Then I decided to start a store and our home was put in the back burner.

Now I feel like everything is covered in a layer of sticky, kid peanut butter smears and the drawers are shoved so full that they can’t be opened. It’s time for a clean up & a clean out! And I might as well do a bit of decorating and a whole lot of painting while I’m at it.

I‘m going to be moving slowly through the house, documenting the whole process. Sharing my secrets for painting almost anything and cheap decor hacks along the way. Hope you enjoy the journey.


Marcia VanLaningham
Jun 20, 2019

Will enjoy your tips and tricks, and seeing your home transformation!!


Rachelle Fleming
Rachelle Fleming
Jun 20, 2019

Thank you guys!!


Jun 20, 2019

Happy to see you are doing a Blog--I am excited to be following you.


Jun 20, 2019

Love it! I'll look forward to seeing all you're doing.

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