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The Master Half Bath Reveal

Before & After The Master Half Bath - 1:4 Reviving Pine Drive

I can’t believe it, the first room in our home revive is done! I find it best to call it a revive because I’m not actually remodeling anything. I’m not replacing floors or tearing down walls. I would love to do all that, but my budget isn’t set up for such things. But this revive really does show you what can be done with minimum cost & a whole lot of paint.

I have found that coming into this organized, clean & freshly painted space makes me happy. I know that’s kind of odd, and I know that is not how my hubby feels at all, but I suspect if you are reading this, you may feel that way too in a new space!

So let’s talk paint colors. My plan was to go with a set of colors from Magnolia Home, but right about the time I was going to buy paint, there was a big sale on my beloved Sherwin Williams... whoops. I guess old habits are hard to change. I picked out three main colors. I will bring these colors throughout our whole home. All of them have warm undertones. That way it all feels cozy and bright at the same time. No institution walls here! The walls are Sherwin Williams Oyster White. The trim is Sherwin Williams Alabaster White. The interior doors are Sherwin Williams Amazing Grey. Keep in mind that colors vary greatly on a screen, or even on a color card from what they look like on a wall. Light & surrounding colors change the tones and color casts to all colors.

I started with the ceiling. I painted it the same color as the interior doors, Sherwin Williams Amazing Grey. I also painted the fan with the same color so it would blend away as much as possible. I certainly did not want to highlight the fan, but I couldn't resist a doing a colored ceiling in here with the crown molding. Side note: I painted a layer of Annie Sloan paint first on the fan as a primer to give something for the latex to stick to well.

I also updated the medicine cabinet. I wanted a Pottery Barn inspired, worn wood look. I did a blog & video tutorial specifically about how to achieve this look. You can read the blog here & watch the video here.

The vanity was also out dated, as is most things in our home. It is in really good shape actually, with hidden hinges and is well built, but dang was it ugly. In comes my trusty Annie Sloan paint. But before I painted, I added cabinet feet to the vanity! I am absolutely in love with them. I think they just pushed this thing over the top. The feet add just enough character to make it appear more custom. You can purchase the feet here. Oh and do you like the rug?!?! You can find that here.

To make the illusion a bit more real, I painted the toe kick in a mix of Annie Sloan Graphite & Annie Sloan French Linen, for a charcoal color.

The rest of the cabinet was painted in Annie Sloan Original with a tiny bit of Annie Sloan Scandinavian Pink added. Then distressed & Annie Sloan clear waxed. Hardware was added next. You can find the hardware I used here and the tool I used to install it here. In fact, I did a blog and video tutorial on how to install hardware on cabinets with this tool. You can read that blog post here & watch it here.

Lets not forget about the organization! I’ve put a basket of all the cleaning supplies needed for the bathroom under the sink. That way I can easily grab something if I need to wipe down a sink quick...or whatever.. yeah its probably pee on the floor, I do live with all boys.

My makeup area got a clean up too. I took all the necklaces down and put them into a jewelry case. I don't wear them very much anyway, so I certainly don't need them on demand. I hung an antique dresser mirror in the necklaces place. I painted it the same way as I had painted the vanity. It makes putting on makeup occur slightly more often... slightly.

On to the cabinet above the toilet. I really wanted to take it out. I wanted cute, decorative wood shelves with little plants & signs. But I also was practical enough to know that we needed the storage and had this cabinet not been here, I most likely would have wished for one. Because I did not want to draw much attention to it, I painted it in Annie Sloan Old White. That way it would slightly blend away. I did distress it because it is in my soul, and added hardware.

I also added cheap bins and attached metal tags, for a custom look. Organization for super cheap! You can find similar bins & tags here.

Throughout the whole bathroom I painted the once chrome fixtures black. This also changed the look drastically for practically pennies. A tutorial is in the works for this.

And one of my favorite transformations, one that will go throughout the whole home, was what was done to the flat, hollow core doors. I added trim, painted all the hardware (hinges, door handles, strike plates, etc... all of it) and then painted the door in Sherwin Williams Amazing Grey. Complete update for less then $10 for both sides! Now that I have perfected my process, a tutorial is in the works for this too.

This process has only further fueled my desire to keep updating! On to the master bedroom now!

You can purchase the products I used (or similar ones) on my Amazon store here and Annie Sloan paint on my website here.

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